Dating tips for women, 1938.

November 09, 2012

Because Ben has an appointment for a house in Zutphen, we had to get up very early ( hé actually, but I like to think that I am a good girl for my beau and thus I made him breakfast and poured in a glass of milk). Unfortunatly I am not the kind of person that can go back to bed, so here I am with my coffee, writing an article in the early morning while it's still dark and quiet outside. I thought that it was time again for something informative on my blog, instead of my face all over the place.

So here goes.

When you are single, you have most likely noticed that, on whatever social network you are, you'll get way too many advertisements about dating sites etcetera. Even when you are nót single by the way, as I am getting them aswell. Nowadays, most people find their true love through the internet. But before the internet, that was, ofcourse, slightly different .. so to speak. And when you look at the internet, browse alittle, you come across a ton of websites that gives you information on how to find or meet that one perfect person. So many websites, and all with the same tips over and over again.

Providing people with dating or flirting tips was not any different in the 1930s and '40s. Usually the headline of such an article online is nowadays called "How to get the perfect lover". Headlines of such articles in the bygone era were usually called: How to avoid becoming a spinster.

In bygone era's it was very unbecoming to talk about clothes around a man on a date. To get a man that far that he wanted to marry you, you were ought to keep your emotions and lady secrets at bay. Do not forget your posture! Sit properly!

But to avoid becoming a spinster, a magazine from 1938 had much more tips to share! So what else was adviced?

Like it says: Keep your allure. Make sure that you are good to go when your date arrives. Be dressed when he knocks on your door, and if you are not yet ready to go; make sure you do your dressing in the mentioned boudoir.

Wrinkled stockings are a no go. We, nostalgists, know the pain of wrinkled stockings, as these are non elastic and sag easily with every step you take. When they are sagged, they look like loose skin flaps. And you do not want your date to think that you are the only person in the world with love handles at your ankles.

No, don't borrow his hanky. Apply make up in private. After all, you want him to think that you are au naturel and that you step out of bed with perfect hair everyday, and that you just don't need any make up (Even though your lips are cherry red and your cheeks rosy of rouge).

Same counts for his car mirror. And beside the fact you don't want him to see you fixing your make up, we also don't want our date to get a neck hernia for turning around to see what's behind him on the road.

It was adviced for women of that era not to look too bored while talking to a man. We all know that men are fond of women who are extremely interested in him and him alone. While trying not to look too bored (if you are that is) don't sit in akward positions and.... well.... just don't sit in any akward positions, at all, ever. You want to be a lady after all. I am sure your agree with me that it is not really lady-like when a man can see your garden of Eden when you do not sit with your legs crossed.

Ah, a familiar one that hasn't changed throughout the evolution of men:
Don't try to talk about your clothes, or try to explain what your freshly bought frock looks like.
Men love to talk about what they think is interesting.

Nope, don't drink too much! You want to keep your dignity and don't want to make a joke of yourself. Or get sentimental. See dating tip below.

Men just don't know how to handle a woman in tears!

Speaks for itself, I daresay. You are a lady, not a tramp.

Be sure to make your date feel as if he's the only man walking the earth that gets your attention.
Don't let him hear that you haven chosen that one favorite restaurant with other dates, too, because the dessert is just to good to be true!

He might never call you back!

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  1. Fun post :-)) In particular I liked the details about akward sitting & not chewing gum... overtly...!!!
    This must definitely be Good American Manner, I thought. Europeans wouldn't chew in 1938.

    Or would they?

    I took a quick look at Chewing Gum in Wikipedia. As with almost anything else, it dates far back. The Aztecs & the Ancient Greeks appearently chewed like madmen & worst of all were the Finnish, who sat around the fire & chewed their long dark winters away in Neolithicum about 5000 years ago...!

    But of course, it was the Americans who reinvented the chewing gum in modern times, where the US troops brought Wrigley's gum to Europe & handed it out... chewing gum for the children & nylon stockings for the ladies.

  2. I had great fun reading this tips :) Thanks.

  3. These photos are always good for such a chuckle. Some of the advice seems silly (or at the very least blatantly obvious), yet, are they any odder than some of things one sees today on TV commercials for things like "singles chat lines"? Lest I sound prudish, at least this gal wasn't prancing around her apartment on the phone wearing little more than a smile (as on such commercials).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ow, this is so lovely. Made me smile. :)


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