Can I have your autograph, please?

November 21, 2012

From the moment on I knew that Ben collected autographs of famous stars from the forties, I envied him. When we first met he gifted me a photoalbum with cards of famous German actresses from the forties with their real autographs. I was a very happy girl. But today he made me a very happy girl again by telling me that my 26th birthday present would be the réal autograph of Ginger Rogers. The dealer accepted his offer. I hate to grow older but I have never wanted to be a birthday girl this much, and I cannot wait till November and December are gone.

Below are my boyfriends collected autographs:

Veronica Lake. His first one.

Rita Hayworth

Ingrid Bergman

Deanna Durbin

Betty Grable. Very hard to see. It's very light pencil.

Ann Sheridan

The Andrew Sisters

Because I am totally in the atmosphere of autographs, I thought it would be fun to give mine too! ;-). 

Not that I am such a big celebrity ofcourse, but it gave me some fun with making a selfportrait. The only time when I give an autograph are on photo's people buy of me. However, with Ginger's autograph as my first, I decided to collect other autographs alongside Ben!

Do you have some autographs of famous bygone era actresses or actors, too?

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  1. This is such a fantastic collection! And your photo looks like it belongs there too ;)

    Porcelina xx

  2. Oh I love this portrait of you- it's very authentic :)
    I so want my own autographed picture too (I don't really know why!)- I guess we are sort of semi famous having our blogs... though you have more reason for one, being a pin up gal and all... I'm just nutty!:p
    The only real autographs I own are of Tommy Trinder- he is one of my favourite 40's comedians, so I'm super pleased with them!

    Tups x

    1. If someone deserves some credit and publicity it is you! I know I have said it multiple times, but I am just gonna say it again: you are my inspiration. If I look at you I am thrown back into the forties. You just ooze it, and I bet you still ooze it while sporting uggs .... or something.

      Perhaps you can write your autograph on a white piece of paper with a pencil ( quite thick (very emphazised) and I'll look what I can do for you, if you send me the specific details and photo and what you want to get your own photo with autograph!

  3. Wow this is such a great collection. I wish I owed all of those, and your autographed picture is beautiful. You yourself are a real life starlet. Where did you get your photo done? I love it. I wish I had one of myself too.

    1. Thanks alot Miss! I did it with photoshop!


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