Park Berg & Bos

October 24, 2012

Ben and I had a stroll, again, due to lovely autumn weather. I wanted to show him a parc of which I have written before here ( Click here for the post ). It's been build in 1937 and is almost still the same as 80 years ago.

Two of the four waterfalls.

The four waterfalls (if you look closely) before 1934

Two of the four waterfalls in 1937

Almost nothing changed, only the little isle of trees grew bigger! And a fountain has been added. This photo is from 1940.
Ben would kill me if he knew I put him on here in his working clothes! Ssst!

The stone couch. Photo from 1940. Queen Wilhelmina painted here alot. Nothing has changed - except for the fact Wilhelmina is no longer among us.

Tunnel from 1937

Tunnel mid-war

As from 1937 on till now swans have always adorned the pond.

Me wearing ear clips my mother in law gifted me. They belonged to Ben's grandmother a long time ago.

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  1. Wonderful photos. This walk in this place is a real time travel.
    And You and Ben look so sweet ;)

    1. It absolutely is. So many of the old things are still there!

  2. Wat een sprookjesachtig bos. Schitterend!

    1. Helaas vinden heel veel mensen dat en is het er altijd wel vrij druk. Maar het bos is enorm groot.

  3. Nou inderdaad sprookjesachtig Auk! Heel mooi :D

  4. It looks divine! I thought it was a drawn picture at first!

    1. Yes when autumn comes, this is quite a fairy forest!


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