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October 04, 2012

Today's outfit! A dress that I bought in Amsterdam recently, aswell as the shoes! They are réally painful. They are from the thirties and have néver been worn. So no one broke in the shoes. I can't walk in them for more than 10 minutes because a flaming pain will come up. I guess I have to do that old trick; put water bags in the shoe and put them into the freezer. The ice will make the shoes wider. They are really stunning and very sturdy which comes in handy for when the ground is slippery in winter time.

The dress is from the forties.

The collar. It has been sewn onto the dress but the other half needs to be attached by push buttons! Cute collar no? I have a thing for collars.

 I also chopped off a piece of my hair. My hair grows extremely fast and my hair refuses to stay in a nice forties hairdo when it's longer than shoulder length. I am a happy girl now! As my hair stays perfectly in place.

I look very tired because I am very tired. I have no idea what my body thinks it's doing, but my stamina is shockingly low. I have an aweful lot of things to do; therapies, photoshoots, interviews etc. I think I can't keep up and I am biting off more than one can chew. It doesn't really help that I am stepping into bed way too late when one has to get up very early in the morning almost every day. Oh well, this is going to be a busy month, but a nice busy month. I'll take my rest in november!

Ben and me yesterday in the forest. I didn't shared the photo here, but it's too nice not to share. So here it is! Don't we look cute?

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  1. The shoes aregorgeous though! I hope you succed in getting them more comfortable!

  2. I know it sounds so obvious, but you look so vintage! I love this outfit.

  3. Love hearing all your updates, Lindsay! But don't forget to take some time for yourself -- soak in a bath, read a book or have a loooong cup of tea. You definitely deserve some time looking yourself.

    Sending you much love and good wishes from South Africa!

  4. You have the best shoe collection!

  5. OMG... you both look so fabulous! :))


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