My navy blue 1940s dress

October 02, 2012

This is the blue dress all the girls of Club Interbellum wanted on the shopping spree day. I am still grateful to the ladies that it was me who was the lucky one to buy the dress. I tried it on for the first time today ( I know my size and with one look at a dress I know whether it fits me or not ), and it was as if it's made for me! It fits me perfectly. And I am so totally smitten with it, and with this I declare that this is my favorite vintage piece I own.

I always wanted a navy blue ( my favorite color for clothing ) dress with a white collar, eversince I saw the Kitty Foyle dress. The Kitty Foyle dress is named after Ginger Rogers in the movie 'Kitty Foyle' from 1940.
The Kitty Foyle is a dark piece of fabric, usually navy blue, with a white collar and white cuffs. It was designed by Renié. This style of dress has been explained that it was deliberatly intended for films; the large amount of white around the face reflecting the key light onto the face gave a flattering profile. The Kitty Foyle became popular during the wartime austerity period.

Well, my dress is not a Kitty Foyle as it has no white cuffs. But it has a white collar, so I am definitly a white collar girl! No?

Something else: October is going to be a very, very busy month for me. I have several photoshoots inter alia Harold Dello who is going to photograph me and some other members of Club Interbellum, and I also have the photoshoot and interview for a very famous Dutch women's magazine, and ofcourse I am going to the 'Stage door Canteen' who will be in Tilburg the 27th of October. Are more people going? If so, and you see me, please come and say hello!

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  1. J'adore les robes que tu présentes. Elles sont toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres. Tu a une trés chouette collection.

  2. You look marvelous! That dress is just perfect for you.

  3. Love your dress so much, I recently bought a dress nearly exactly the same shape as the Kitty Foyle dress, although it is grey not navy which was a bit if a let down, but not much as the shape is amazing. I hope you have a brilliant time at the stage door canteen, i'm sure you will be looking very glam!
    Love Lil x

  4. Gorgeous!! pretty as always :)

  5. You're looking great in that blue dress. Dark blue goes so well with blonde hair. The white collar is lovely. Is it crocheted?

  6. Gorgeous dress, it looks wonderful on you! Ginger Rogers is a huge inspiration to me, and I think you've done her proud! xx


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