Friendly stranger

October 03, 2012

After a consult with one of my therapists extremely early in the morning, Ben and I decided to have a stroll in the forest to get some fresh air. Suddenly a car passed us and the woman in it was waving and smiling at us. So we smiled back. When she pulled the car over she called us and told us that she adored our 1930s look ( actually it was forties, but she was one of the few that came close to the era Ben and I love. A couple of minutes before this a group of women complimented us that we looked so cool in our 1960s ensemble.

Anyway, the lovely stranger complimented us and in her hand she had a book. She said: What a coincidence! If you want you can have it. When I looked at the book I saw it was a biography of Marlene Dietrich. I gasped! This was so friendly from her! I devour (auto)biographies of famous thirties and forties stars. The book is written in German, but my German is very up to date so I don't see me having any troubles reading the book.

It's so nice to know that these lovely people still excist! My first gift from a stranger and a divine one, too!

Me with the book.

Anyone else that came across a lovely stranger once?

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  1. What a nice person! It must be an interesting book because Marlène had a really full life!
    I often meet people at flea markets that I don't know, some often run after us to give us what they think to belong to our loving era... sometimes it's a good surprise, but most of the time I must say a big "Thank you!" with a smile however they gave me an horrible skirt from the 80's...

  2. What a beautiful coincidence! I have more than once had experiences more or less similar to the one you describe, but never one directly related to vintage living. Lucky you :-)

  3. That's wonderful! What a kind and generous stranger!

  4. That's so lovely, getting complimented and receiving that wonderful book. You look lovely as usual
    Love Lil x


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