A stroll through meadows to Germany

October 22, 2012

Last saturday the weather was so deliciously warm, yet you could feel it was autumn. Ben and I decided to have stroll in the 'Achterhoek'. I really craved grapes, so we decided to walk to Germany (Ben lives close to the German border) and get me some.

On our way we took a pause to drink some hot cocoa and have a bite to eat with toast and goat cheese.
Ben prepared our hot cocoa in a tin cup from WWII which he uses for his re-enactment. Aswell as the Esbit and the other stuff. I was very twitterpated that day and enjoyed our walk so much!

Speaking of Germany; Ben and I decided a short while ago that we want to spend our new years celebration ( Happy 1943?) in Berlin. Does anyone have some tips for us to see, related to WWII or other things from the forties? Anyone that can recommend us a good hotel? Dining places? I would love to hear!

Ben preparing some hot cocoa for us.

Heating the esbit cubes.

Heating water from a canteen bottle from WWII

Esbit and hot cocoa.

It was delicious!

And eating goat's cheese. Next to cream cheese my favorite!

My clothing:
(This shop is quite pricey but everything is true vintage and in good condition. It's really worth a visit. They even have clothing dating back to the Victorian era))

~ My 1930s coat found at waterloo plein market.

~Navy blue dress  - also a find on the waterloo plein market.

~Shoes: reproduction

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  1. You will love this hotel:

    For shopping and museums you might wanna check my entries from last year, Berlin is one o my favorite cities :-)


    1. Thanks alot for these tips Susan, that hotel looks absolutely dashing. Am in love with it already!

      I'll check out your guide!

  2. I love that you are able to walk straight into another country for grapes! It so lovely, you look great, love the hat
    Love Lil x

    1. Well it was quite a long walk, but such a lovely one! When we went homewards my feet start to hurt. But it was all worth it!

  3. You two look so lovely! The black and white adds a nice touch. Beautiful blog!


  4. Lovely blog post! You look beautiful, thank you for sharing.


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