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October 26, 2012

Hello dear readers!
Before my weekend starts, I wanted to show you my outfit for today first!

Everything I wear is originally from the forties!
The shoes come from Etsy and were gifted a while ago by an admirerer.
The dress is a find from the waterloo plein market and was everything but expensive! The tule ( the white pattern of the dress which you do not see very well) needs to be repaired, though I think it has it's charm and it shows age, so I am not sure whether I am getting it repaired. It's only a small part and it's not bothering me. It isn't very visible either!

The hat was a fleamarket find and with that also one of my prettiest hats!
I also dyed my hair again, but it's not really visible on the photo. I am a bit more blonde now!

The cat is my lovely darling Figaro. My everything. Here he's laying on what is his favorite sleeping place as of late. He looks very big but in fact he isn't!


Well now, it's time for me to go and get picked up by my boyfriend and my brother in law. Very kind as I am ill. I had to get my yearly flu vaccin yesterday, which always makes me feel sick. However, it doesn't matter how ill I am, I am going to Stage door canteen tomorrow and hopefully also meet some of my UK friends! Looking very forward and will wear a red poppy on my chest with pride as it's the 68th liberation day of Tilburg.

The 28th I have a photoshoot with Harold Dello, so let's hope the flu will not aggravate!
Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Love the hat and shoes! Have a lovely time at the stage door canteen and hope you are not too ill!
    Love Lil x


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