Vintage shopping spree at Amsterdam with Club Interbellum

September 30, 2012

Yesterday I had a marvelous shopping spree with some other members of Club Interbellum. At first I didn't expect to find that much. Perhaps a dress, or two. But I couldn't be more wrong. Believe me when I say that I was very happy that Ben did not find anything ( finding vintage clothes for tall men is very difficult, as the men at of forties weren't as tall as the ones nowadays. Ben is 6'2" (1.90) which was very tall for that era. So, he had empty hands and helped me carry my bags as a real gentleman, because I found alót of vintage! I was the person that went home with the most purchases. Bags filled to the brim. We went to the 9 streets, waterlooplein and Rokin. It was such a pleasure that Mark, the initiator, showed us around to new adresses of vintage stores I didn't knew, yet. I had no idea that Amsterdam had quite alot of these stores. I know where to be now, next shopping spree!

I had set my mind on searching for a 1940s winter coat. I needed one badly, as I never owned one. I did not expect to find one, too. My friend Jip was also searching for a forties winter coat and we both found one at the first stall at the waterlooplein market. I am thrilled with it. I also found 3 dresses there, and my goodness it was so cheap there. The owner of the stall travels around the world alot and she takes home the most beautiful vintage clothing and accessories.

I also found me three hats and sturdy thirties shoes for the winter and a little purse. I am utterly satisfied with everything. We have been thrifting Amsterdam for hours and hours ( 6 to be precise), and we have been photographed alót of times by people passing by. Seems I am getting famous after all eh?

My 1940s winter coat. The coat is beautifully nipped in at the waist when I am wearing it and the length reaches to my calves. It's a heavy and warm coat. Now the only thing missing is a red vintage scarf. Perhaps a new quest for a new shopping spree!

A black 1940s dress. With a béautiful collar.

An unsharp picture of the collar.

Another forties dress. A black one aswell. As I do not have much black forties dresses.

The dress up close.

Blurry picture of my laced 1940s dress.

It's collar.

It's buttons. I am in lóve with buttons. 

Early forties dress. 
We girls all had an interest in this dress and I made the joke that I would fight the girl who would get it. The owner of this dress knew one of the male members of Club Interbellum and said that he had a vintage dress. And Frank, the member of club interbellum, asked the owner to hold the dress apart. And then Frank asked who wanted to have the dress. And they were looking in my direction. Ofcourse I took the chance and bought it, with all hopes that Jip and Birthe would not hate me for taking it. But luckily they didn't.

I am absolutely in love with this dress. I love navy blue vintage dresses with white collars, and since this one is a long sleeved dress, it fits my winter wardrobe. My winter wardrobe is so small. I could really use this dress. Thanks Jip and Birthe for not killing me after the shopping spree!

It's collar.

The lovely purse. I've been wanting one of these for ages. I usually see these on fleamarkets for an extremely high price. This one wasn't cheap either, but cheaper than the ones I saw at the fleamarket.

Hat no.1

Hat no.2

Hat no.3

And last but not least; the shoes.

And what did we look like?

Me, Ben, Nadia, Frank and Jip.

Left to right: Rik, Yede, Nadia, Elizabeth, Frank, Jeanette, Me, Ben and on the chairs: Jip and Birthe.

Left to right: Rik, Yede, Nadia, Elizabeth, Frank, Jeanette, Me, Ben, Mark and on the chairs: Jip and Birthe.

Mark, Frank, Birthe, Jip, Nadia, Ben and me.

Ben, me, Jip and Mark.

Me, Ben, Nadia, Mark and Jip.

Me, Ben, Nadia, Frank and Jip.

The girls looking at the dress that became mine eventually.

Ben and me wondering what this kind of machine is that gives us money.
Nah, it was me grabbing some more money for more pursuits.

Ben and me.

Jip with her lovely late forties wintercoat.

Mark and Frank.

Jip paying her new purchase ( lovely wintershoes) at the checkdesk.

Jip and Birthe thrifting.

As you can see I had a fun day!

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  1. That's lovely doll :) great purchases

  2. I was in Amsterdam about 10 years ago, but we didn't find a lot of stuff from the 40's-50's. All vintage shoppes were selling 70's and 80's clothes...
    About 400km from home, not so far, we must plan a trip next year!
    It's always fun to shop with friends, if you have different size :-) or like different styles!
    I especially love that white hat and those shoes.

    1. Luckily much is changed nowadays! We have more vintage shops than 10 years ago! You should really revisit and I am very willing to show you around!

    2. Nice to hear that there are more interesting shopping places! If we are planing to go in a near future, I will let you know for sure!!!
      We are planing an US trip for march, so perhaps in August 2013...

  3. Wauw! Wat ben jij goed geslaagd zeg! Erg mooie dingen heb je gekocht. Iedereen had een ontzettend leuke dag gehad las ik al.

    Ikzelf ben ook druk op zoek naar "nieuwe" kleren. Heb je die jurken oop bij die kraam op het Waterlooplein gekocht? Ik ken de plekjes nog niet allemaal, als ik iets 40s tegenkom is t meestal vrij prijzig haha.

    Groetjes Aukje

    1. Die jurken heb ik inderdaad bij waterloo plein gekocht. Ik ga zo nu en dan weleens vaker naar waterlooplein, maar ben deze dame met haar prachtige vintage stand nooit tegengekomen.

  4. I'm glad you like the shoes-If I hadn't spotted them on top of thay shelve ;). How mutch were they ?



    1. Ze zijn mijn maat, maar wel vrij moeilijk aan te krijgen. Ze moeten nog ingelopen worden. Ik gok dat ze nooit zijn gedragen. Alles is nog helemaal intact etc. Ze waren 45 euro!

  5. You all look so lovely! The shoes are yummy!!! I too am after a coat, I want very very badly a 30's one...

    1. Thanks alot Garofit. If ever get the chance, do come visit Amsterdam! They have lots and lots and if I didn't had a budget I probably bought more.

  6. Wow, you all look great!!! Absolutly fantastic!!! And I love Jips great wintercoat!

    1. Thanks for your lovely compliment, Betty! And yes Jip's coat is stunning and suits her so well. She, too, has a blog. It's in the list under the title 'Newspapers'. It's called 'Old fashioned at heart'.

  7. You all look so amazing, I just recently bought a 40's coat too, mines navy just like yours! I want those shoes too, I can never seem to get any in such beautiful condition.
    Love Lil x

    1. My wintercoat looks navy blue but it is in fact black. Same counts for a couple of dresses. The only navy blue item I bought was the last dress!

  8. As I like collars so much the dresses in the beginning were just right up my alley. You were lucky to find such nice clothes and shoes - and such handsome and elegant gentlemen.


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