De Liso Debs

September 27, 2012

Recently I ordered via Etsy - again - a pair of 1940s shoes! I fell in love immediatly when my eyes spotted these shoes. And they weren't even that expensive! We do know how expensive shoes from the thirties or forties can be right? So how could I not buy them? They arrived within a week all the way from the United States. Oh, I just love packages and especially packages that do not let you wait!

It's always a gamble with vintage shoes when you buy them through the internet, e.g: it's always the question if they fit your feet perfectly or not, or perhaps because they show alot of wear and crash while you wear them for the first time. I've had that a couple times, but I keep buying shoes from the world wide web as vintage shoes are so hard to find in the Netherlands. It is quite an expensive hobby; collect vintage shoes. But I love it to death, it makes me look period perfect ( vintage reproduction just doesn't push my buttons!), and that's why I keep taking the gamble and invest in vintage shoes every time over and over again. I did not expect that these shoes would show minor wear, or that the shoes atleast had it's leather dried out which is oh so familiar with vintage shoes. But no, none of it! It is as if the shoes are just bought from the shop. The leather is ok, the shoes are sturdy, and fit me pérfectly! These shoes were made for me!

Perhaps it's the brand that kept them in such good condition! The brand is called 'De Liso Debs' from Palter De Liso. Palter De Liso has such a history! It was founded in 1919 by Vincent De Liso. And it was him who invented the then-scandalous open toe slingback pump in the 1930s. The ones I am wearing! Palter De Liso became a very, very popular shoe brand during and after the war. Palter De Liso quit making shoes in the seventies, when Vincent De Liso died.

And here are mine!

This dress is a find from a fleamarket! I bought it in the heat of the summerdays with in my mind that this dress would do very well in the winter!

Something else! My boyfriend Ben and I went to a fleamarket last sunday, but unfortunatly there was nothing to our likes, so we decided to have a few pints of Guinness as a consolation in my favorite Irish pub: The Finnegans. So here we are:

Matching mania?

At the fleamarket many people said to us that it looked like as if we just stepped out of a movie. I think we heard it a thousand times, and also people who asked to take our picture! We're quite something, no?

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  1. They are really very beautiful your shoes. I have not yet had the chance to find like that in France.

  2. Wonderful shoes – and you just wear them so well...!

  3. You are so lucky, they are such wonderful shoes, they look perfect with that dress - they are just the shoes I need at the moment so I shall keep my eyes open for a similar pair. You collect such lovely shoes, I especially love your 40's platforms!
    Love Lil x
    I have a new blog but please come and check it out-

  4. Super cute, love your hat!

  5. There's nothing quite like vintage shoes, isn't it?

  6. That dress is so gorgeous, it compliments your figure so beautifully and those shoes are just lovely!
    You two make such a handsome pair!

  7. ahh, I adore that velvet dress! Your style is impeccable.

    I love the matching look of you and your boyfriend, so cute!

    looking beautiful as always x

  8. You have a very nice quality blog, congratulations!


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  10. Hi Lindsay,
    I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for my grandfather. He was Vincent DeLiso. I am so pleased to see that you appreciate the impact he had on the fashion of his era. He was an amazing man and I many fond memories. It's nice to see him honored. Thank you.

  11. Terrific post!! I love that Vincent DeLiso's granddaughter came across it!! I have a pair of extremely well preserved De Liso Debs that belonged to my grandmother. They are from 1962 and are in the original box. I am going to be posting them for sale on Craigslist, Etsey and promoting them on my Facebook page. They are suede with leather bottoms. Size 5.5 B. How much do you think that I could get for them? WOuld you be interested in buying them? What size do you wear? Please email me: or find me on Facebook!
    Becky Sue Huff

  12. I love this! Vintage shoes are so fabulous and the hunt is so fun. I think you'd enjoy my blog, too - daily photos from my own true vintage closet.


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