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July 03, 2012

On Etsy I ordered these beautiful lizard skinned pumps from the 1940s. They arrived while I was at vacation on Malta. These lovely shoes were a bit of a consolation gift when I came home from a vacation where I wanted to stay more than a week, and a country I am still homesick to!

Thumb is obviously not mine.

No matter how lovely they are, I have to admit that they not make me feel like I am walking on clouds. Vintage shoes are usually small sizes and have narrow widths. I have very tiny feet and small aswell, yet I have  - just like many of us vintage loving shoe gals out here - a hard time finding fitting vintage shoes. However, the condition of these shoes are, considered their age, in mint condition and were not worn often before! The leather sounds a wee cracky, but shoes as old as these usually make a very loud cracky sound due to the leather that has dried out and brittled. Also does it has a few small cracks; but nothing my boyfriend and his contact glue can't handle. We repaired the cracks and they are as 'new'! Slowly I am trying to break in the shoes which goes luckily very well. I have had worse bloodbaths and blisters! But oh we know the saying: No pain no gain!

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  1. Oh those are absolutely lovely!


  2. These are so lovely! xxxx

  3. They do look very good, I wear small size too, but I must admit I dont have any pair of vintage shoes yet, I havent found any perfect for me pair yet :) I love your profile picture btw :)

  4. Oh, those are so nice, I checked them out as well! Congrats :)


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