Photoshoot - again?

June 12, 2012

Yes, another photoshoot that I am about to post on my Blogspot and that has been photographed by my talented partner - again. Together with him I can shoot all the creative images that are captured in my head, popping up at the most weirdest moments of a day.

I was thinking a couple of days ago ... am I not posting too many photoshoots here? If you look at the beginning of my Blogspot; starting to grow more and more into a nostalgic lifestyle, posting outfit pictures, photo's of my hairdo's, vintage make up tips, vintage fashion tips and tricks and what have ya, ...I must admit that my online diary has changed alot throughout the years. I don't take much time anymore to photograph my new vintage pursuits which I found on either Etsy, fleamarkets or just the recycle store. Maybe I am a bit too lazy lately - concerning my Blogspot that is! I tend to show my recent pursuits into the photoshoots as of late.

With that thought I felt that I got annoyed by myself a bit. But also afraid that these photoshoots are an overkill of  'Lindsay Lane'. Luckily I am still getting plenty of requests if I want to model for this and that - and the biggest request came yesterday: participate in a television show for a famous Dutch television channel. However, I am doubting! I am not sure if I will accept this offer! Afraid people might grow tired of my face! With that issue in my head I keep thinking of the words of Nick Vujijic (My hero) said: Do something only when you feel the time is right! And that's the thing; I don't know if the time is right for me! It can give me a career boost, but you know what they say when you are doubting! If you doubt, than don't do it!

On the other hand, all these photo's show my huge passion for a) my modelling job b) creating art, and c) (which is the most important) capturing the past! I just love to photograph or model the past - to bring it back to nowadays! To make it more reachable, as those era's (the ones I model: 1930s/1940s) are feeling like 'coming home' for me, and I want to share that with the rest of the world. When I was younger I modelled other things beside nostalgic scenery or vintage images, simply because I thought it was expected from a model: keep the mouth shut and just be pretty and do exactly as the photographer tells you. But that didn't felt right! I wanted to work for me and me only, so I gave myself a voice as a model. A voice of the past, translating it into the modern world with high hopes that 'modern' people would appreciate bygone era's alittle more or admire it as much as I do. It might not give me a huge pile of work, but that's because I simply chose for that! I know that the Netherlands will give recognition to nostalgists sooner or later! Many of the Dutch photographers still only want editorial models - or modern day pin ups if they múst have something of that sort in their portfolio.

I noticed that I was starting to stand reluctant towards the 'term' model if it's about mé. I don't like to call myself a model lately, even though it's simply what I am ofcourse. I model the past, and I pose in front of the lens. I liked the idea to call myself an artist better; working out the creative images that are abound in my head, together with my partner who is - luckily - a marvelous professional photographer and a very famous graphic designer. Could I be more lucky?

These are just a bit of thoughts floating around in my head that I felt sharing with you. Anyway: I am saving money after my vacation to destination Malta for a new camera, so with that camera I can promise you guys alot more outfit pictures in the upcoming!

But for now, once more another photoshoot?

I hope you people like it!

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  1. I really like these photos!!! Beautiful as always =)

  2. I love your photoshoots... I have not enough in my blog, only vintage life and outfits posts... I don't know a lot of photograph and I don't know how to model.... I will have a photoshoot with my husband in july for a book about vintage and r'nr french scene, cannot wait to share those pictures!!!!
    I will be happy to see more of your outfits posts too!

  3. These are so beautiful, I love the looks so elegant and mysterious!

  4. Ooh, mysterious and delicate!

  5. Anonymous17 June, 2012

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