New gloves

May 03, 2012

Last weekend I got these these beautiful forties crochet summer gloves gifted by a friend! I am, like I collect most of the forties fashion items, a collecter of gloves from that particular era. Gloves were an important item in the forties fashion look.

I have gloves to match the colors of my outfits and hats. But the only color I didn't had, yet, was white and/or beige. So when Robin bought these beige gloves ( they look white in the picture ) for me in a sweet decorated envelope as a surprise, I was over the moon. And so I did what usually do: I squealed like a happy dolfin, trampled my feet and clapped in my hands. I can reassure you that those will be worn alot in summer, paired with summer-y hats and suits or frocks!

Furthermore; upcoming saturday I will attend a celebration for liberation day in the Netherlands at May the 5th in Beekbergen, at the Liberty Park. I am ever so excited as there will be so many nice things to see - like old war vehicles etcetera -, but also the lovely Miss Lola Lamour will give a performance. It will be great to see her perform in real life, as she is known as England's most authentic forties artist. Perhaps I can tap her on her shoulder and ask for a picture together!? Also will I meet so many sweet friends that I only know through the internet! This liberation day will be a blast!

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  1. gorgeous gloves what a lovely present to receive kisses from Dublin xx leo.

  2. oh, they are gorgeous! I really need to buy a few pairs of crochet gloves for my collection because St Louis summers are just awful! I found a beautiful crochet pattern for gloves on and so far have crocheted all of the tiny fingers. Maybe I can finish them up before the heat of the summer gets here. What a sweetie your beau is!! x

  3. So beautiful gloves! I like gloves, but I don't like to wear them (as for the hats...) even if there's -40 °C outside....

  4. They are beautiful. Very lucky indeed :)


  5. What beautiful gloves! I'd love to see the others in your collection. Have a wonderful time on Liberation Day :)

  6. Really elegant & classy...!

  7. Prachtig. En dank je voor het linkje naar Lola. Ik kende haar nog niet en ben dr natuurlijk helemaal weg van.


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