The modern dance and performance

April 04, 2012

Before I talk about the above mentioned, I will tell you the good news that my cat Bojangles is back on the mend. The poor little chap suffered quite a long time from fever, a sore throat and stomach ache, and it only seemed to get worse day by day. Finally he's getting the cat he used to be. He also drinks and eats and tries to meow, even though that doesn't sound very impressive ...he's hoarse, still! It sounds too cute, though!

Last monday I went with a friend of mine, Fabian, out for a lunch and just have nice day. Fabian and I share the same interests, he dances the Jitterbug very well; however his interest is more pointed towards the 17th century, makes those costumes himself for when he has a 17th century ball, and he would love to make a 17 century dress for me and have a photoshoot! We took a stroll at the fabric market, as we both love sewing, and we had delicious lunch with cream cheese. Then went to de Slegte; a bookstore with new books but aswell second hand books. Fabian found alot of books about the costumes of the 17th century; they were all piled up as if they were put there for him, and him only, to buy. He also found a book about the modern dance and performance but decided not to buy it. Neither did I as I have to think twice now before I spend some money. But .. today I decided that I would regret it if I do not buy it, for the book didn't left my mind a single second. I grabbed my bike and drove to town. Luckily the book was still there.

The man behind the cash desk and I giggle'd about the title! The modern dance, he said, haha how modern is this now? Me: Well not that modern anymore, but that's what I love about it! He kept going on and telling me that this is such a good purchase as the book is still in a great condition. "Lovely, lovely" is what he kept saying. And with that, he's right! I am very proud that I am the new owner of this book from 1935!

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  1. Good to hear that you dear cat is regaining his life spirits!
    The book looks instructive, but how could it be otherwise when you can see on the beautiful front page that it is the result of the combined efforts of as well J.W. Molin Senior as J.W. Molin Junior.
    I guess the contributions of the latter is what really makes the book modern...:–)

  2. I'm so happy that your cat is feeling better!!!!!!! I've been thinking about him these days...
    I want that book!!!!!! =)

  3. Ooops, even more muscle ache for us! I can't wait!! :)

  4. I'm glad kitty feel better!

  5. Thanks everyone for their lovely responses regarding to Bojangles!

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous find! I bet you will treasure your book for years to come.
    Glad to hear your lovely kitty is feeling better!
    R xx


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