My new platforms

March 01, 2012

Yes, my vintage platform pump obsession will not cool down!
I ordered a pair through Marktplaats { The Dutch version of Etsy or Ebay }, and that had some doing.
The person that sold them was not the fastest of them all concerning answering e-mails and questions. Let alone sending them, or remove the advertisement so no one else could bid on it. There was a person that outbid me while I already payed. It got me worried a bit.

As many in my environment know; I is a very impatience person, even though I know that not everyone is sitting behind their computer 24/7. I just couldn't wait to receive them. At some point the seller didn't even respond anymore after the second mail if the payment was succesful. I got worried; crossing my fingers that I didn't ordered shoes from a fake seller and receive a bag full of potatoes, instead of the craved shoes I wanted so badly.

But luckily they arrived at my home safely the day before yesterday. And as always: I was over the moon with these platforms. I made a 'test drive' with these shoes and they walk very comfy. Just as platforms were meant to be in the forties. Pretty but sturdy shoes for ladies to stand on all day working in the factories.

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  1. I love the color of the shoes!

    Oh, I totally recognize the impatience while waiting on a item you bought online.

    At the moment I'm waiting on a hat I bought, and I hoped it would be delivered today, but alas. Hopefully tomorrow.

    On a different note. I was organizing my vintage knitting patterns the last couple of days and I stumbled on a beautiful picture which reminds me of you:

  2. Dankjewel Anthea! Dat van de foto neem ik als compliment!

    Mag ik trouwens ook deze gelegenheid aannemen om te zeggen dat je echt fantastische kleding maakt!?

    1. En jij ook bedankt! Dat vind ik erg fijn om te lezen:)

  3. Worth the wait and stress, they look wonderful! :) x

  4. So fretful when you worry you aren't going to get something you ordered. So glad they did finally arrive. And what great shoes!

  5. Ohh, they look lovely!! '40s platforms are my very favorite vintage shoe style... so sturdy but so glamorous!
    Glad they finally arrived for you; waiting for eBay parcels is so nerve-wracking for me too!

  6. oh my god, these shoes are beautiful. They have a nice heel and color.

  7. They are gorgeous!
    They will look so good on you.

  8. They look great indeed!

  9. very pretty! i love that colour :)


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