Last weekend

March 07, 2012

Last weekend I decided to do something nice. On saturday I decided to visit the recycle stores in Zutphen. All I found was just some jewellery. Nice ones I have to say! I've walked around a bit in Zutphen, watched the history of it, and took a nice Latte Macchiato when I was shivery and tired of walking. Mind you, Zutphen is littered with cobblestones, and I, as always, was walking on my platform heels. Very tiresome!

The black leaves are clip on's and the blue ones are actually a bit tricky due to their 'screw-back' mechanism. Screw back's are famous because of inflammations they can cause on the ear. I need to dip these into pure alcohol before I will wear them due to bacteria of the last owner. You never know!

On sunday we decided to make a walk in the forest; the sun was shining, birds were twitterpated and so did I when I woke up and saw the sun. A sign of spring! Finally! A friend and I found something on the internet about a secret village in Vierhouten, Nunspeet. It was a village people made in WWII in 1943 deep in the forests to flee from the Germans. They built huts underneath the ground. With the Mini Cooper we hit the road. The website told us that the secret village was now very easy to find, but it was the opposite that was true. We could choose to find it in a 4 hour long walk, struggling over sand dunes, and forest ground. Looking at my shoes; that was a no go. We asked two elder ladies and they said that we had to drive a bit further to the city and that will lead us to the secret village. And that was true! Though the huts were not so easy to find, we found all three of them! Standing there it was unbelieveable. If you looked at the huts, where a grown up could not stand straight, if you looked at the beds, and feel the cold rising from the ground, you just can't believe that people lived there for an entire year even in the terrible cold winter.
In 1944 two soldiers discovered a boy getting water and when the soldiers fired, the village was alarmed and they fled. Unfortunatly 8 of them didn't make it and were shot.

Their memorial

And what did I wore? You could've already seen a little preview above, but here goes!

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  1. you always look so beautiful! and the secret village is such an interest place to visit...

  2. "These shoes are made for walking...!" the song says; only some shoes are not. Unfortunately, exactly those are often the ones you want to wear...!!! Your shoes are beautiful & and you seem to be having a good time, even at this dramatic spot.

  3. Wow, what an interesting place to visit. I adore your coat and what gorgeous shoes!
    Best wishes.
    R xx

  4. I really like the leaf shaped clip on's!

  5. These photos are great, you look so beautiful!

  6. I love WWII history, but I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder if other cities have similar secret towns. Thanks for posting about these, it's super interesting :)

  7. The jewelry you found is so lovely. Wow, what an interesting place and story behind it.


  8. Wow you look stunning!


  9. I might have misunderstood your screwback earring're not putting then *through* your ear piercing hole are you? They are just like a clip on, but were around before clip-ons. The screwback was patented in the 1890s while the clip-on wasn't out until the 1930s. I have my ears pierced, but wear this style almost exclusively. It can cause more irritation as it generally sits on the hole, but it shouldn't ever go through.
    That little village is fascinating! I've never heard of such a thing :)

  10. Rueby, you have indeed mistaken it. The screw backs are not getting through your ears, correct. But some women screwed it very tightly to their ears which caused inflammation. This has been told to me by many elder ladies whom had experienced this.

  11. Ahh k. I find that interesting still as I don't have issues with mine! I find the trick to me to do them tight enough you can feel it, then go back a turn. Never *knock on wood* lost one. I wear them almost exclusively too. It depends on the metal though, and maybe that was actually their problem? Never know. Some metals react to me more than others, though it isn't drastic enough that I've been tell which it is.

  12. what an amazing secret town. you look beautiful as well!


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