Winter portraits by Jerry Zandwijk

February 14, 2012

Well, we can't say here in the Netherlands that it isn't a severe winter! Our land was covered with white snow the past few weeks, the ditches and lakes were frozen, and many little children were skating on ice for the very first time. My generation has never been able to skate on nature ice; the winters were just not strong enough! I am brave enough to tell you that I have never in my life skated on ice. I am at the age now that I won't even try it! I am too afraid to slip under the ice! Therefore, I am not at all a winter person. My wardrobe is almost never winter-steady with an exception for some garments here and there. Ofcourse, I love to sit inside with a blanket on the couch; warm at the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa and a book, watching snow fall down. Like a fairytale! But then, when you have to walk your dog at some certain points of the day - on the only kind of shoes you own: heels - that fairytale falls to pieces soon enough! And I look quite the joke.

{ Wilhelminaplein, Haarlem, 1940 }
{ Wilhelmina square, Haarlem, 1940 }

{ Friesland, The Netherlands, 1940 }

{ The Dutch mother Queen Emma van Waldeck-Pyrmont pouring over her fear for snow and went outside with her daughter Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina { later Queen Wilhelmina } never went on winter sports - which was usual for the royal family - as mother Queen Emma was too scared something would happen to her daughter }

Now, I realised I don't have winter photo's of myself, and what a coincidence it was when my friend and also photographer Jerry asked me to shoot some winter portraits, and to have a nice day ofcourse as we haven't seen eachother for over 2 years! It was really cold but I was willing to set a foot outdoors cause it's always fun to hang around with Jerry! We shot some nice results and went to see the wild pigs after!

© Photo's: Jerry Zandwijk

As the days pass I am very glad to see the snow is dissapearing, and the temperature rising! I am longing for warm summer days where I can sip my cocktail in the garden under the shadow of our big tree in the garden whilst reading a book! Oh, don't we all long for summer days?

Oh, before I forget it! I can't leave the little piglets out can I? They were just too cute to be true! Their little curious snouts sniffing at my glove! Ahh, I melted!

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  1. Oooh the pigs! They're lovely! I love all animals..
    The photos are really beautiful and you always look wonderful..(and you have really beautiful eyes)..
    Never say never! I started longboarding (and so did my husband) this summer...I'm 24 and he's 35..

  2. I really love snow but I don't like winter very much... Like most of vintage lovers my wardrobe is more summer than winter... wool dresses are so hard to find in good condition! But I tried to buy some more winter clothes every year!
    Your portraits are really beautiful and those pigglets are so CUTE!!!!!

  3. I really like Jerry's photos; he has managed to capture your beauty really well!! <3

  4. Wow wat een schitterende foto's; die kleuren zijn echt betoverend!

  5. It was a pleasure shooting again with you. We had a nice cool day out.
    Next time 20 degrees or higher again? :-)

  6. Wonderful pictures.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  7. Aren't you the most beautiful lady of all time! Hope I get to speak with you soon my love! <3

  8. Lovely pictures, and you look beautiful. I wish I could do my hair like that! Happy valentine's Day.

  9. Did you ever look up Lilith Moon?? You two could be twins! She is from the Ukraine but lives in Paris and she is a hair guru on youtube. Lovely photos, you manage to pull of true old time glamour.

  10. I so wish that we had snow where I live. Be grateful you even get it at all :)

    I'm a winter gal though, love getting all rugged up. The heat turns me into a nasty monster!
    Those pictures are just beautiful, the colours are perfect to capture a snowy winters day.

  11. You look as lovely as usual!

  12. Lovely!!!! Wat een lieve biggetjes (L)


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