Car gallery Brummen

December 05, 2011

This weekend - despite feeling not so well - A friend and myself went to a car gallery in Brummen near my hometown. I am not really a car person, I don't even have a drivers license { want to get me one eventually, mind you }, but generally? No, cars are not my cup of tea! Unless, yes, unless they are from the thirties or the forties. Even before my deep passion for the aforementioned era's I was esthetic about those kind of cars! In Brummen - a small place in the Netherlands - has a car gallery where two men collect and sell all kinds of cars - especially those cars which are real collectors items. Yep, I saw some helluva nice ones I tell ya!

© Pictures made by: Lindsay Lane
{ Some pictures made by : Robin Peterman }

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  1. Now there's toy land! Beautiful!

  2. Wow, I love all of them. May I say that in the very first picture, you look a lot like Betty Grable.

  3. wow! how I wish there would be car galleries like this in my town...
    nut I saw those car in many historic races in Italy...wonderful! So much better than modern races and cars...

  4. You look so perfect standing beside those cars, that place could make for such a fantastic photo shoot too!

  5. You look as if you have stepped out from the 40s or 50s! Just gorgeous!

  6. Lovely outfit as usual :D


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