Travelling: Prague

November 10, 2011

My oh my, what a beautiful country the Czech Republic is!
On the 3th of November my travelling companion and me left the Netherlands for a relaxing vacation in Prague. We couldn't choose a better place to find the relaxation we both needed so much!

We left the Netherlands at 10 'o clock in the morning and arrived at 20.30 at our Hotel, The gallery hotel Sis. A nice and clean hotel with a lot of facilities and treatments; e.g a spa. We ordered some local beers, and hopped into bed a couple of hours later, both very tired of the long journey we made.

That following morning we decided to walk around Prague and enjoy the beautiful architecture. We took some breaks in fancy restaurants or café's to lunch and have a drink. When the evening came we stumbled upon two exhibitions: one of Salvador Dalí, and the other exhibition was about one of my favorite artists: Alfons Mucha.

Our first dinner was a typical Czech meal with dumplings, and it was delicious! They know how to prepare meat and bread dumplings for sure! Ofcourse we ordered Absinthe aswell. You know, that green, very strong, 70% alcohol drink you need to set a fire? The waiters were quite apalled and amused that a young lady such as I could drink more than one glass of Absinthe.

The second day of our stay we went on vintage hunting for me. Before we left for Prague I found some nice adresses on the Internet. The first we found was Art Deco gallery. My oh my; my eyes fell out of their sockets. This lady sells so many beautiful stuff; I could hang there for hours scooping between the vintage she's selling. E.g:  Hats, furs, gloves, umbrella's, women and men's clothing dating from the thirties and forties, glasswork, furniture, belts, laces, costume jewellery, collector´s objects and rarities, designed items of lifestyle from the period Art Deco, and handbags to name only but a few. However, she knew what she was selling as she was a bit on the pricey side. My eye fell on a brown little forties hat. The kind of hat I always wanted to have in my hat collection. My travelling-companion, always a star in haggling, managed to get the hat a little cheaper.

We found all of the stores I wrote down, but unfortunatly Bohemian retro was closed.
I didn't found much in the other stores, until on our penultimate day I had the feeling I had to go back to a little basement shop Laly. The weird coincidence was, that I indeed found a beautiful 1950s dress I over-looked at the first time. Again it was haggle'd, but only on provide if we'd signed the guestbook! Why, sure!!

We also went to the famous bridge of Prague and a torture museum, displaying the real tools they used in the medieval times. I found it extremely interesting, though it scared me a bit how cruel people were at the time! On that brigde we've also been filmed for national television! My few minutes of fame in Prague!

On the third day we went to visit the castle of Prague. The Cathedral at the castle was breathtakingly beautiful, big, and spooky.

We also went to the wax museum and the royal summerhouse, which was unfortunatly closed. We sure could've made béautiful pictures at the house and the royal gardens.

I love it how Prague understood my forties look - compared to the Netherlands. In almost every restaurant we've dined they complimented me on my look, and told me that I brought them back to the past. They also played some Ray Charles, Sinatra and thirties and forties music for me.

I had an amazing time and I could really use this trip.
Now, enjoy the photos!

At the Salvador Dalí exhibition:

At the Mucha exihibition; enjoying his raw kind of photography and soft colored paintings.

Us enjoying a typical Czech meal:
And Absinthe La Fée Verte:

At the torture museum:

The Wax Museum.

The royal summerhouse

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  1. Such wonderful photos, I really enjoyed looking at them all for I have never been to Prague before, but sure hope I get to go sometime. It really does look like you've had a fabulous time :)

    Also, I love Absinthe too! I used to drink quite a lot of it but one night Mr Darcy and I drank too much and we became crazy and paranoid that there were people trying to break into our house...and then I thought that I was going to die, so I rang all of my friends and told them that I was going to die and that I love them, and ect ect! So I don't drink Absinthe any more :P

  2. Beautiful photos, what a stunning outfit! Adore your hair xx

  3. Wonderful photos! I'm happy that you had such a great time in Prague! I really need a vacation, too.. I need a break from Italy...

  4. I *love* Prague. It is my favorite European city by and far and I could have spent eternity there, though I was only there for 4 days. I love your blue jacket and your photos are awesome :) Glad someone else loved the city!

  5. This city is wonderful. I always wanted to see it and after reading your post I want this even more. Beautiful photos.

  6. Hehe, it looks like amazing holiday! I am so glad you like Prague:)
    The photos you've taken are really lovely! I like especially those taken at night... especially this one:
    I know the torture museum as well:) I was there with my boyfriend a half of a year ago... I must admit that I was a bit scared there:D
    As I see you've dined typical czech dishes:) the one (when you was drinking absinth too;)) was beef, dumplings and cream sauce, right? It's typical dish which Czech people cook for celebration days - New Year, typical dinner at weddings, etc.
    and I think you have also a pork, cabbage and dumplings, right? That's the other typical one:)
    And you were drinking Pilsner Urquell! Great:)
    This beer is originally from my city - Pilsen (Plzeň in Czech). It is produced here in Pilsen and it's the most traditional Czech beer, people from Pilsen are sure that it is like medicine:))
    Thanks for such a lovely post!

  7. Wauw prachtig! Volgens mij zijn er een hoop mensen die nu graag Praag willen bezoeken.. ik in ieder geval zeker! :)

    ps: Die foto van jou bij die straatlantaarn is echt heel mooi!

  8. Lovely pictures!!! I was in Praha about 15 years ago... it was in winter and the city was so grey and dirty... only a few places were restored. Judging by your pictures this city improve a lot!

  9. Fab pics - looks like you had a wonderful time! You needed the break after the things that have happened to your recently! Chin up :)

  10. Looks wonderful! Prague has been on my list on places I want to go to since forever!

  11. Great photographs - Prague looks like an amazing city!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. to Laurence: 15 years ago? it means that you were in Prague in 1996?
    Well, till 1989 there was a communist regime in the Czech republic and culture wasn't blooming a lot... the restoration of all the beautiful places was difficult... but I think it depends on weather as well. The buildings in Prague are grey :) and when the weather is grey it could be a bit pesimistic :D
    But I love Prague...

    btw Lindsay, you must (if you'd like to, of course:)) visit Pilsen - my city... and Český Krumlov, it's definitely a pearl of Czech republic! Believe me, you'll love it!

  13. A wonderful presentation of an amazing trip; I love it!! <3

  14. Oh WOW! Prague is gorgeous! You look fab too gal! It looks like you had a lovely time! I'm sure the art deco gallery was fab!

  15. Fantastic photos. Looks like you had a grand time. I especially like the one of you underneath the lamp light… Oh and the ones of you with the guard- is he super tall or are you a little miss! Thanks for sharing.
    T xxx

  16. WOW,after looking at your beautiful photo's,It only confirms how much I would like to visit Prague,totally awesome!!I am now following your lovely blog.


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