Veterinarian and Rose's lounge.

October 24, 2011

Yesterday when I came home from a visit to the fleamarket, I found my little baby apathic on the ground with a huge saliva loss. It became worse; later in the evening he started to lose salive with blood in it. I checked on him every so often, and stood up this morning very early, calling the veterinarian. They were quite buzy, but with the described symptoms they said it was better to come by today, and so I did.

It seems that my sweet baby Figaro swallowed some sort of poisoning substance, probably outside as he is an outdoor cat { even tho he prefers to be lazy and stay indoors close to me }. It resulted in a severe inflammation throughout his body which expresses itself by his little tongue slowly dying and rotting away. The vet showed it to me. He gave my sweetheart a painkilling injection, painkilling pills for two weeks and some sort of recovery pate which we have to heat up only a little in the microwave, combine it with water and make pulp of it, so it's easier for him to consume. My vet couldn't guarantee me that he will stay alive, and I am devastated by that answer, even though he immediatly admitted that most cats recover from this inflammation.

You should know that my cat is éverything to me. All my cats are ofcourse, but Figaro in particular. He's always near me. Where I am there's he, and vice versa, and he keeps me company at night, comforts me when I am sad, loves attention from me and me only, purrs like an apache helicopter, and néver even scratched his nails in someone's skin. I love him to death. You can imagine I am terribly worried.

Please cross your fingers for me that he wíll recover. He just have to, and I hope he will be as handsome again as he is on the photo's below, instead of looking like a skinny old male cat, while he's only four years old.

© Photo's made by D. Rozeboom

After this heavy visit to the veterinarian, a friend and I went to Arnhem for a little bit of shopping and some relaxation in a beautiful lounge bar called Rose's lounge in the late afternoon. One of my favorite lounge bars where you can have dinner and a good dance, too. It's beautifully decorated with baroque chairs and sofa's, a fire place, and chandeliers! In short; the ambience is marvelous. We took place at one of the sofa's and we ordered a tasty and fruity white wine for me, and a Desperado for my friend and delicious stuffed and marinated olives.

Robin ordered an Espresso and I stuck to my wine.

© Pictures made by Lindsay Lane and Robin Peterman

© Pictures made by Robin Peterman

{ Oh by the way? I found me two beautiful hats at the fleamarket last sunday! One of them, a hat from the forties, still has it's original pearl hatpin! I am smitten with those hats. }

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  1. Oh oh, your poor little Figaro! He's such a handsome fella. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

  2. Your poor baby! I really hope he pulls through, poor little fellow :(

  3. A rollercoaster day, well described in your beautiful post. I love what you did with the pictures! :)
    How did Figaro get through the night? Very well I hope. Please give him a big hug from me! And take one huge one for yourself as well!! <3

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your kitten.
    He looks so cute on the pictures and I believe he will be ok soon.
    I've lost a dog one year and half ago. It was so sad. She was poisened. But the problem was that she behaved as usual for a few days:/ and after this long time she was much more worse.
    I wish I could have mentioned much earlier that she hadn't been alright:(

    I wish your dearest cat will be ok.

  5. I feel really sorry for your Figaro! I'll keep my finger crossed, too...
    You always look so beautiful in the photos!

  6. I hope your cute Figaro will recover! My fingers are crossed.
    Also congratulations on the shooting with Vecona Vintage. I met them once and they are wonderful people. I´m sure you´re gonna have fun!

  7. Oh my gosh - poor Figaro! I hope he's ok :( Give him lots of hugs for me.

    BTW Rose's looks like and awesome place.

  8. We've got our fingers and paws crossed for little Figaro xx

  9. Rose's Lounge looks lovely! Just the right place to go to after dressing up in pretty vintage clothes!...I know exactly how much a cat (or any other animal) can mean to you, so I keep both my fingers and toes crossed that Figaro will make it through this. If he's only four he should have a few lives left to spare :)

  10. How terrible. I feel sick just thinking what you must be going through. I really hope the poor thing pulls through.

  11. I hope he will recover! Being a cat person myself- I have five, I can relate to what you are going through!

  12. I hope that Figaro will get well - fingers crossed!
    Rose's lounge looks very nice. And you are theirs prettiest client :)

  13. Hey Lindsay, wat erg van Figaro! Weet je wat hem goed kan helpen? Zo'n plastic spuitje met water en dat een paar keer per dag in zijn bekkie spuiten.
    Dan spoelen zijn nieren goed schoon, en krijgt hij lekker veel vocht (reinigend).
    Vlammetje was het al helemaal gewend en deed destijds haar lipje al omhoog als ik met het spuitje aan kwam.

    Veel sterkte met hem!

    Prachtige foto's overigens van je, mooie locatie ook.

  14. Thanks everyone for their lovely words and concerns! I am still deadly worried, though I think he's on his way to recovery. He's a bit more alive, even though he sleeps most of the day due to his medication.

    @Danielle, hartstikke bedankt voor de tip! Gelúkkig drinkt hij redelijk goed, eten gaat wat minder vanwege zijn (oh dit klinkt zo gruwelijk) rottende tongetje, vandaar dat de DA een paté heeft meegegeven dat ik tot een papje moet maken en hij het kan opslobberen. We waren even bang dat hij eten zou weigeren - wat hij dus daadwerkelijk de eerste dagen ook heeft gedaan - maar hij eet gelukkig weer. Was dat niet het geval dan had hij opgenomen moeten worden aan het infuus. Ik ben blij dat we er vroegtijdig bij waren.

    Nogmaals heel erg bedankt voor de tip!

  15. Poor kitty,Hope he is better soon.That lounge looks so pretty.Loving the furniture.You love lovely.xx


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