Teaser of my photoshoot with the Spitfire

October 13, 2011

When the photographer sent this photo per mail to me, I was very enthusiastic and loved it to bits.
I've already experienced what a great and fine photographer Robin is to work with { See the RAF widow shoot }. However, I am alittle bit nervous at times, for he photographed so many professional models for well known brands such as Oilily, and what else have ya out there.

This photo emphasizes - again - what an eye and talent for photography, detail and graphic design this guy has. That he's a perfectionist comes in terribly handy concerning his work, but not so for me as I am very eager, and above all way to impatient, to receive the whole shoot - at once. Isn't possible ofcourse, so I have to behave and wait patiently for the rest of the photo's.

Thus, not only a teaser for you people out there, but for me aswell.

{Click for enlargement}

Oh how I love to pin myself up next to a Spitfire. No better said: I just love to do pin up modelling. Always had been my forté, but growing enormously in other 'vintage' themes, too, lately.

However; stay tuned cause the rest of the photoshoot will be posted on here, too. But not only for that! Robin and I have much more for you upcoming, as we did a photoshoot at the railway museum, where we also met some lovely online friends, ánd I got the oppurtunity to model in a very old barber shop from the twenties. The man working there as a barber was so period-perfect and asked us if we liked to shoot in his barbershop with him. From what I saw ... it were great results! I surely could use a new hair cut ;)! Curious who this barber is?
Go to: *H E R E*.

Robin and I have much more in the planning.
Don't you just love it to have a private professional photographer shooting you all the time?
You sure won't hear me complain, darlings!

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  1. Can't wait to see more! You are always so photogenic. :)

  2. Heel mooi! En veelbelovend - ik ben benieuwd naar de andere foto's :)

  3. wonderful photo! And you're so beautiful =)

  4. You look awsome, better than any professional model :) Can't wait to see more of this photoshoot.

  5. Thanks all for your lovely compliments!!!
    You gals got me blushing!

  6. Amazing photo, such great stylization!


  7. You couldn't look more perfect, sweetie!!!

  8. Thanks so much sweetheart!!!

  9. Whaw fun that must have been (but hard work too I bet) you look lovely! Jane x

  10. Looks great! But I have to say I'm a bit envious. I want to do a pin up shoot with a WWII plane too!!!!! :)

  11. Hi Miss Meadows,
    Are there any warplanes in your area?
    I know for a fact that alot of photographers would love to shoot with WW2 planes, too!

  12. You look gorgeous.I love your hair.Can't wait to see more.xx

  13. Stunning!!! I can't wait to see the rest :)

  14. Not that I know of. I live in Sweden, an hour north of Stockholm. But I guess there should be one of those old planes somewhere nearby. I just need to find it! :)


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