The summer sun is fading

October 06, 2011

... as the year grows old, and darker days are drawing near.
Yes, summer is officially over. Europe knew a couple of hot days the past week { Atleast the Netherlands had a lovely temperature of 27 degrees, and I believe Britain aswell! }. I've been in nature loads of times to exploit the lovely weather - which came godsend. It's so unreal see-ing the autumn leaves falling on the ground around you, while the weather made you think it was midsummer!

However, we could enjoy this weather for merely a week and now the rain, wind and dark days got on board. I am not keen on autumn, besides the beautiful color palette nature offers us. I always like to walk in the forest to smell that typical autumn-ish scent, and watch the beautiful colored leaves hanging on or falling from the tree! Ofcourse it's also lovely if you don't have to set a foot outdoors and you can snuggle up underneath a blanket, surrounded by burning tea lights and a big steaming cup of tea in your dainty hands! For me preferably tea such as *plum harvest herbal tea*, which is the most quintessential tea for autumn and winter. With it's rich mix of plums, cinnamon, and apples; makes a cup of this tea almost a must have for chilly days! Or what about *Spice nut mate herbal tea*? This herbal tea fits the bill as a great tea for colder days. Ingrediënts such as cocoa, spices, and nuts brings the mind the rich taste of fall. It's perfect for a 'wake-me-up' in cold and dark autumnal mornings. Or perhaps my favorite? *The Ginger Bread Cookie* tea! This tea is naturally sweet with that typical Ginger bread cookie flavor which screams 'autumn', and is a lovely tea for when you are looking at the fallen leaves drop on the cold ground.

Anyhoo; I am not here to talk about tea or the beautiful side of autumn. It has a draw back for me, too!
I always remain to be so uninspired if it comes to my forties autumn/winter wardrobe. It's always a sad happening when I have to let go of my floral frocks which will be hidden in the back of my closet, waiting to be worn again in the next spring/summer.

I know for a fact that many of you are jumping for joy to wear the warm tweed suits, woollen dresses, winterhats, woollen thights and oxfords or ladies brogues. I'm always a bit jealous of you, gals, who can put together such a lovely autumnal or winter-y outfit. No, with me, my inspiration deserts me. Ofcourse I have my tweed suits, brogues and long forties trousers, but I just don't really líke the autumn/winter wardrobe. And I guess that's my problem, don't you think?

However, these pictures extend brainfood for some inspiration concerning an autumn and winter wardrobe.

A couple of ladies in powder blue woollen winter dresses 
© Source: Glamour Daze

Winter coats and dresses
© Source: Glass of Fashion

Winter coats and suits
© Source picture #1:Glamour Daze
© Source picture #2:Eclectic Ephemera

Woollen bolero and skirt
© Source: La Dolce Vintage

Woollen clothing of the forties
© Sources: Both unknown. If it's yours, please claim it.

Winter corset
© Source: Corsetiere

Winter undergarment
© Source picture #1: Fabulous Forties Fashions
© Source picture #2: The Vintage Knitting Lady

Forties knitted stockings
© Source: Unknown. Please claim if it's yours

Winter hats
© Source picture #1: Unknown. Please claim if it's yours.
© Source picture #2: A sip of Sarsaparilla

Autumnal colored hat 
© Source: Klassic Lines

Autumn-y colored felt hat
© Source: Past Perfect Vintage

Steady winter shoes

◦ A wide variety of winter shoes in all kind of shapes and colors
© Source: Glamour Daze

Hopefully this post will inspire some of you, too, who also have difficulties with pulling together an autumn or winter wardrobe.

Now it's time for a hot cup of tea, as it's really cold and windy in the Netherlands today!

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  1. Love the photos you posted.definatley gives me inspiration.It doesnt get very cold here but we get some cool air during fall and wnter.Enough to wear my cute sweaters and can't wait to wear my high waist pants.x

  2. I wish clothing and accessories like these were still readily available! D;


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