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October 12, 2011

It's a hardrock fact that I am addicted to visit fleamarkets {and ofcourse come home with pursuits}, and I do so very, very often. I've grown a skilled thrifter, and it seems that, talking about fleamarkets, luck is on my side. In the past few months I came home with amazing loot concerning vintage: shoes, bags, gloves, hats, fur collars, you name it and I came home with it.

Here are my latest finds;
Hat: Fleamarket find | 1950s laced gloves: Fleamarket find | Fur collar: Fleamarket find

Photo's: Lindsay Lane
Editing: Lindsay Lane

Let me be quite frank with you; I am probably one of the biggest animal lovers you've ever met. But then why the fur? I am strictly against wearing fur, especially fur nowadays. Many of the teenagers who buy new coats and jackets with a fur collar do not know that it's often made from real fur; mainly rabbit fur.
Wearing vintage fur has been - and still is - quite the subject in 'vintage blogging land'. Many will tell you that they do wear vintage fur, as it's been so old already, but that they would never wear modern day fur. The same counts for me, too. Do I wear that fox fur collar with a clear conscience? No. I even caught myself petting it, as if it's still a real life fox, whispering 'sorry' when I wore it for the first time today.

The thing is, wearing vintage fur is quite a grey area. Everywhere in the country are hanging vintage collars, coats or stola's as guilty secrets in the back of the wardrobes, passed down from grandmothers who wore mink and sable in good faith long before we started talking about animal rights. Recycling an old fur collar or coat means that no animals have to die today to satisfy our desire for this particular 'vintage' look.

At the fleamarket in my hometown was a stand with so many antiques, including fox, stoats, and mink collars, but to be honest ... they shocked me. It was very confronting see-ing them draped around a mannequin with their little paws and heads dangling down. These were very, very old you could tell, and are the typical thirties and forties items. They would suit my look perfectly. But thóse collars I just cannot wear. These are a bit too confronting for me.

My fleamarket days are certainly not over yet, as I will visit one in Brabant upcoming sunday again! Yay!

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  1. That first photo is really beautiful! I agree on the fur thing, I don't think I could ever wear an actual face.

  2. Love your finds!!! I'm also addicted to flea markets, you know what you want to find but you always come back with other amazing goodies...
    I'm quite lucky too, check those posts:

  3. I love the gloves you're wearing in the photos...
    But...I can't wear furs....old or new.... I can't.. My mom bought me a coat with rabbit collar and I have never worn it... My mom loves furs...she really would have one..but I will never buy one for her! =)

  4. Wonderful finds!! You look so glamourous!
    I also liked reading your thoughts on vintage fur... I feel much the same way. While I'm very concerned about animal rights and preventing cruelty, I have no qualms about vintage fur. It's a fine line for sure, but funny as it sounds, I like the idea of cherishing a long-dead mink/rabbit/fox etc., and giving the poor little guys a loving home instead of letting them languish in thrift stores and landfills.

  5. Hi Dakota!
    Thanks for your message, and compliment!
    I aswell think the same to give them a good home. That's the animal loving us!

    Vintage Hippo, yeah their little snouts and paws are just too confronting, and when I saw them hanging there I was overwhelmed by a huge sadness.

    Laurence, you are quite lucky indeed!!

    Peggy, I hear you!
    Maybe your mother should've bought the coat for herself. Or maybe you can give it to her, if you haven't thrown it away.
    The gloves are such precious finds, really happy with them.

  6. You looks so glamourous in your wonderful flea market finds, well done you.


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