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September 27, 2011

That I have been quite lucky lately with finding some great vintage bargains is a fact. And that cheers me up quite alot during this period of mourn, which I still haven't overcome.

Quickly after I found that beautiful pair of corded shoes from the brand 'Lotus' in Newcastle; I found a beautiful pair of forties shoes on Marktplaats - the Dutch version of Ebay, aswell. They were a bit on the expensive side, but I had to have them, as I've been following these shoes for a long time now. Finally I was able to buy them. However, the shoes are that old and very fragile, too. I had to have them repaired for two times, and a third time is coming up. But I do not want to give them up, and I will get them repaired as much as the shoes will allow me to. I am completely smitten with them, and it's such a waste not to wear them.

In this outfit I am wearing a couple of new finds of late! Together with a peasant blouse and a beret.

Me with the mini cooper on my way to Amsterdam, to meet my two Irish pals Paddy and Dermot in Amsterdam, but also to visit some vintage shops, and ofcourse the Molly Malone's Irish pub, where I went to with Steve every so often.

This lovely late-forties bag I found on the flea market in my hometown I went to last Sunday. I was searching for a bag like this with a bamboo grip for a long time.

I also found these beautiful deep blue laced gloves {with a little damage} from the fifties on the same fleamarket, together with another pair of gloves. The buyer gave me some information about the gloves. Which I appreciated very much.

The shoes I am so smitten with. They are extremely fragile, but like I already said: I am not ready to give them up. I will try to make the best of them I can. Luckily they have survived a whole day in Amsterdam, where I was walking on some brutal cobblestones. But unfortunatly today, it was the left shoe that was not far from tearing. Have to repair them tomorrow again!
But now, tell me, they are beautiful aren't they?

Visiting Amsterdam was very double yesterday. As I went there with Steve so many times. I did find me some beautiful vintage dresses - be sure to check here every now and then to see them. I had a rad day with the two Irishmen; those paddies sure know how to make fun!

Next month, in October, I will have a few amazing shoots coming up. Once more with a Supermarine Spitfire the upcoming weekend, and aswell at the train museum the weekend after. I also planned some amazing themed shoots with the amazing photographer Martin Philippo. And in november I will attend Europe's biggest flea market in Brabant, the Netherlands. Be sure to check the calendar.

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  1. Those '40s pumps are divine!! Certainly worth the upkeep! Your bag and gloves are really lovely as well, what wonderful finds!

  2. So pretty.Love your blouse and bag.Those shoes are lovely.Hope your shoes last a bit longer for you.It's always sad when something you love to wear starts to ware down.xx

  3. I mentioned your lovely blog on mine! xo Brooksie


  4. You are stunning!! That is one adorable bag and I LOVE your gloves! Your shoes are pretty cool as well!

    My giveaway is up and running:
    Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

    x Aliya

  5. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, ladies!
    Really appreciate it!

  6. No comments on the lovely Mini Cooper?
    No, of course not, your beauty outshines it completely!!! <3

  7. Such beautiful shoes!

    Btw, I've had to move my blog, but if you want to keep following me you can do so on http://storyshewrote.blogspot.com/

    Take care! Hugs!

  8. Lovely photos! And gorgeous outfit.
    I love Irish pubs. We have one in Pilsen as well. And Irish guys must be funny;)

  9. love the bag, the entire outfit is lovely :)


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