Promotional video - RAF widow shoot

August 31, 2011

What first had to be a promotional video for my latest photoshoot also became a tribute not only to the fallen British RAF pilots in WWII, but also a tribute to my beloved Geordie, Steve, who has been robbed out of my life way too soon. Steve and I both were extremely passionated about WWII aircraft - and in particular the Spitfire. He was over the moon that a girl my age was so interested in warbirds, and told everyone about it that wanted to hear it. I still can't live with the fact that he's gone, hence the fact that there's so little activity going on here. I am very sorry about that, but I hope that you, my dear readers, can understand it. I just have to find a way to give this huge loss a place. I still spend my days in bed, and I still have difficulties eating, laughing or continuing the daily life. I probably won't post outfit pictures for a while, since I have a sickening look and lost many weight, from what I've heard. It's hard and difficult to keep up with the regular things of life.

This month I will cross the sea for a memorial for Steve in Newcastle upon Tyne - the country where he was born. I am stunned by the fact how warm his family and friends received me. Many knew how much I meant to Steve and vice versa, and I am delighted - even though under terrible circumstances - that I am able to meet the family of Steve again, who welcomed me so warm, and comforted me so much, gave me strenghtening words and all that I needed. It gave me the feeling that Steve was alittle bit closer again than he already was.

I have to fix the trip in a train speed. Robin and I will travel with the ferry, stay the night over at the ferry and arrive in Newcastle on the 9th of september. On the 10th, a memorial service will be held in a church in the UK, and then we will go to the Hilltop in Stanley Durham - Steve's favorite pub when he was still living in Newcastle. I will aswell meet someone I've met through my favorite forum: The Fedora Lounge. My Irish pal, Paddy Middleton. I am very looking forward to that. I will cross the sea back to the Netherlands on the 12th of september. It will be a painful, emotional, and difficult trip ... but oh so worth it.

This trip has been sponsored by so many of my friends and family - it's phenomenal. I want to thank everyone for putting in money and love, for me, so that I can travel to the country where my beloved Steve was born.

If you are interested in the tribute video .. here it is:

I updated the calendar aswell by the way.

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