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July 07, 2011

The forties will always be my favorite era! However, it must be said that I am getting very keen on the thirties aswell for a while now! The thirties were extremely stylish and feminine, but that only meant if you could afford it - ofcourse - as the great depression was present in full swing. Clothing and accesories were usually self-made, and clothing moved towards simpler lines to reflect the simpler lives of the people. However, people still kept a great interest in glamour of the rich, or glamour as seen in Hollywood. The people simply dreamt of a luxurious past, but lived with an economic disaster.

Ink was expensive, hence the clothing of the thirties showed less color than previous years.
Cotton was featured in chic town suits, and other recommended popular fabrics included: crepe de chine, crepe satin, crepe mongol, percale, georgette, plain&printed chiffon, and tweeds.

In the thirties; no ensemble was complete without a hat. The hats were perched on top of the head and accented with flowers or bows. The brims of the hats were narrow, turned down in the front, up in the back, and worn at an rakish angle. The 'Florentine hat' was a creation of the 1930s.
The 'new hat look' of the thirties was intended to frame the woman's face rather than hide it.

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  1. Gorgeous hat!!! I love these hats...

    Lindsay, could you give me advice? Do you know some good (and not too expensive) dutch online shops with vintage clothing and hats?

  2. Thanks Blanka!

    Unfortunatly it's very difficult to find good vintage in my country, however, there are a few stores that get my kudo's: ( This store has amazing hats .. and some of them are on my wishlist!! )

    I like this site aswell:

  3. I have always been a fan of those kind of hats. :)

  4. You look so glamorous! :) I adore the 30s too... in theory. The slimmer silhouette doesn't really suit me, nor do the close-fitting hats. But I still adore studying them and gathering inspiration from that decade! :)

  5. You look amazing as always! Beautiful outfit and the red and white looks so good on you!

  6. Thanks lovely ladies!

  7. Amazing photos. You look good in red.

  8. Love the hat!!!! All so pretty :)

  9. Je ziet er echt weer zó mooi uit!


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