New blouse

June 30, 2011

In my postlet about my recent vintage shopping-spree; I mentioned that I came home with awesome loot. One of them was the swallow blouse, but this blouse absolutely deserves it's own post, too.Well now, isn't this a darling and romantic blouse?

I am very looking forward to the 14th of July, as there will be a huge antique and curiosa market at the market square near my house! Hopefully I will find me some more lovely treasures! These kind of markets are rare in my hometown, so I am over the moon!

By the by;
I started with the the mini serie of HBO: Mildred Pierce. Eversince the first episode I was hóóked!
I've always liked Kate Winslet as an actress, and Evan Rachel Woods aswell. But what I like the most is the effort they've put into the details! The clothing, the hair, the house decoration, and just the story on itself is absolutely worth watching. I have read the novel written in 1941 by James M. Cain, ánd I have watched the movie 'Mildred Pierce' with Joan Crawford from 1945, so I was delighted that HBO now made a mini serie of this story! I can réally recommend it to you! I, unfortunatly, had to download it', as the Netherlands is very much behind in broadcasting series of HBO -- or even series in general!
Many lovers of the golden era probably already know about the excistense of it, or have even watched it already.

If not; than take a look and enjoy!

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  1. Dear Lindsay, wishing you all good luck with your therapy, it's a brave and brilliant thing to do. You have had some good luck shopping! I love the blouse, so pretty and delicate! Jane x

  2. Thanks for your amazing words, Jane!

  3. It is indeed a very pretty blouse—in particular I find the low collar is very sweet. I wish you the best with regard to your therapy...!

  4. Thanks lovely Jannie!

  5. I love how you make the pictures look really old school. :)

  6. Lovely post! Your blouse is so beautiful!

  7. Thanks Zombie and AngeliqueDama!

  8. Now that’s one dreamy blouse you have found there- what a find…. I’m sending good luck bargain hunting vibes your way, so hopefully you will have even more luck finding more treasures at your up and coming local antique market!!!!
    ‘All the best’ dearest Lindsay- you are an inspiration!
    Tups x

  9. Says the lovely lady who is an inspiration to me!
    Thanks for your lovely words Tups!

  10. Nice blouse!
    And I agree with previous comments - I love the way you take photos! Do you use some editor? I always get a really nice feeling looking at them and reading your posts.

  11. O what a tease..! I desperately want to see the Mildred Pierce shows but I had to give up my HBO to save some $$ ~ boo hoo! ~ that means no Boardwalk Empire either! Will I survive the summer..? (something tells me yes *heehee)
    And I know you prefer blogging about beautiful clothes and that EPIC fantastic (40's!) style we all adore...but thank you so much for mentioning your personal life too, Linds. I believe you are amazing for writing about those challenges that many of us share...I love reading about your experiences with that therapist because of course as everyone knows, I'm quite headscrewed myself. *haha!! JOKING!!
    We are beautiful, independent women taking charge of our mental health! Cheers to that!

  12. Thanks for your beautiful words, Hope!
    You were one of my first followers on this blog of mine, so I appreciate your comments so much!
    I know it's quite impossible, but I would love to meet you someday in real life, you are so awesome!

    It's always a bit difficult to talk about my private life. Some people can be awefully narrow-minded, but luckily I've never experienced that on blogspot!


  13. The blouse was lovely, it looked so soft :)

  14. You look beautiful on this photos. And I wish you good luck with your therapy.

  15. wow your blog is so amazing !
    These photos are so cool :)

  16. The blouse is gorgeous and you look lovely x


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