Faux bang and chiffon

March 14, 2011

I am attracted more and more to the 1940s 'land girl' look, hence the fact I am wearing slacks more often nowadays! Tad too late you might think; since we are heading towards spring, and I wore skirts and dark-toned house dresses almost all of the time during winter. I became a bit tired of myself and the dull outfits. It needed a change. But well, the weather is heading the good way here in the Netherlands, so it's almost floral dresses time!

I forgot to post the 'five things of everything' entry yesterday, so this one might come later this day! I am terribly buzy, and I still don't get enough sleep. Not only because my sleeping pattern is heavily disturbed somehow, but also one of my tomcats { Teddy, the foundling that I've mentioned on my blogspot a few times .. yes he's still with us } is ruttish. Which means: loads of heavy noise that is coming from his little body during the night + he's pacing to and fro at my window, kind of coo-ing like a dove, cause he wants to go outside so badly to chase down little lady cats, and multiply himself! Not only the ladies are chased down by him; my male cat Figaro aswell. But that's a huge teddybear that everyone wants to cuddle, so I can understand this part! But yeah: I feel a third castration coming up, especially cause this little mister is outside quite alot since a short while, and no one wants a surplus of cats! { Tho I do, I do!}. Tomorrow is an early day for me aswell, heading to the hospital, as it happens!

I cross my fingers for a good night of sleep!

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  1. You look lovely in your outfit and your faux bangs look great and the chiffon scarf finished the outfit off.

  2. Aww thank you ever so Tallulah!

  3. Love the faux bangs!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. You looked great as always, and I also had a faux bang today! :)

  5. Wow, your faux bangs are flawless! Very gorgeous. I love the pants, too, it's an elegant look!


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