Bad hairday

March 13, 2011

It hasn't been my day today on the hair area - at all! I am not a rookie concerning hair, and there where I am pretty skilled, the hairdo's just failed. No matter what I tried, really. I quess we all have our bad days on hair, and this is mine, I quess. I decided I didn't want to worry about my hair, and I wasn't going to set a foot outdoors anyway, so I brushed out the do I tried to apply for today's day, rolled in my rollers early this afternoon, cuddle'd with my sweetheart Figaro and enjoyed a cup of tea. It doesn't look all thát bad, does it?

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  1. I don't think you ever have a bad hair day lady! But I know what you mean - and I actually like bad hair days because I just love hair in scarfs and snoods!

    Love the b/w pics and the collage btw!

  2. I unfortunatly do have bad hairdays :C!
    My rolls were failing on me, as was a gibson roll, and all the other failed attempts.
    But I know what the reason for this is!

    I am about the get in my period, and that's the culprit! I bump into things, break things, make up fails as are hairdo's! :C

  3. You look exactly like one of those prints of the lady with the blue jumpsuit on... i'm not sure if that rings a bell to you though :P But you look beautyful! I wish I was able to do a headscarf because i love this look ^^ Hooray for the bad hairday! Oh, and your cat is gorgeous!

  4. (Ik zal in het NL terug antwoorden, want ik zie dat je uit Nederland komt :D)
    Ik weet wie je bedoeld: Rosie the riveter, toch?

    Nouja, meestal draag ik het zo als ik naar bed ga, om de rollers op zijn plaats te houden, maar het is ook een goede manier om de rollers een beetje uit zicht te houden!

    Ja mn kat is gewéldig! :D!

  5. You pull off the head scarf look great!!! You look very pretty! :]

  6. I adore these photo's! How did you edit them? Like with the taping and overlapping and what not.(:

  7. I think you looked great! And your cat was adorable :)

  8. Thanks lovelies!

    @ Paigey; I editted these pictures with photoshop CS3. I am lazy so I only pushed one button and an action of photoshop did the rest!

  9. The tape, by the way, is a photoshop brush!

  10. Well these pictures look great and I think I am going to look into that program! Thank you!(:

  11. Paigey, if you need help with this ( Photoshop can be a pain in the ass if you are a novice), than don't hesitate to ask me! The action set is from 'AllEdges'.


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